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Hi Everyone

Welcome to CovalComm this is what we are about and why we want to reframe the marketing model

As this is our first blog post, I find the need to let you know what it is we are trying to create here and why we have set up our business. What we ultimately want to do is reframe the marketing model to help marketers, deliver better results. A bit ambiguous you may think, but we really believe this needs to happen and in the text below, I will explain why.

There are a lot of marketing consultancy businesses and agencies out there, all with differing views and opinions, and often offering advice which ultimately serves their needs and agenda – especially when encouraging marketers to spend their marketing budget on their products.

Marketers are therefore confused and often feel that they are essentially faced with a black box. This huge amount of information and advice from different companies often contradicts each other. Therefore, for us, it was important to offer a solution to help marketers which was independent without hidden agenda to put marketers back in control.

The key to this is that the process and the solution happens in an open-source way. The reason being that it is important that marketers can have the flexibility and agility to choose who they work with, and how they work with them, to ensure that they deliver the right marketing outcome for their everyday challenges.

Through a series of discussions and input from thought leaders and key people in the industry, across different sectors and verticals, we’ve conceptualised a business, ‘CovalComm’, which sits at the intersection between marketers and full-fledged agency/ management consultancy. By that I mean offers the data science you would get from a consultancy but back up with the creativity and ideas, which you would receive from an agency.

CovalComm empowers and helps marketers to achieve business outcomes from their marketing activity, through a series of individually tailored digitally-focused consultancy services and digital dashboards. We believe we have services and platforms, which will enable marketers to develop meaningful connections through 6 key areas: Strategic Consulting, Vendor Management, Marketing Compliance, Validated Resource Community, Value Pathways, and Data Integration.

Our services would be of interest to anyone who wants a better solution from their marketing activities. However, we feel our services would be particularly beneficial to (a) local customers who are part of big organisations, which roll out global marketing campaigns – which do not necessarily take stock of local market nuances or current market situations, (b) clients who either operate in niche sectors or have smaller marketing budgets (which does not justify an in-house marketing function) who feel agencies do not prioritise them, and (c) agencies and SMEs who want to utilise the digital dashboards.

Our experience and expertise ensures that we are able to put the right connections – people, products and services – in place to deliver positive outcome. CovalComm delivers competitive advantage for marketers through strategic rigour, start-up flexibility & agility, tailored focus, and meaningful connections.

Ultimately, the reason why we are doing all of this, is to make the business of communication more effective, more productive and more profitable.