We are reframing the marketing model to empower and help marketers; by providing the knowledge to navigate the complexities of a digitalised world for better results.



Our Story

CovalComm’s name stems from the building blocks of nature.

Everywhere we look nature has put molecular bonds in place to ensure that the overall function is achieved. Central to this are bonds known as covalent bonds. Molecules are able to make multiple numbers of these covalent bonds, which are flexible enough but also strong enough to do the job, which has been asked of them.

We channel this thinking into our approach to business, which ensures that we are able to deliver real connections and solutions to drive business outcomes for our partners.

A bit about CovalComm

CovalComm sits at the intersection between a management consultancy and a full fledged service agency - by providing an open sourced environment with independent digital strategic advising.

In a connected digitalised world, we believe the right flexible-connections drive business outcome. These connections need to be strong enough to get the job done but flexible enough to ensure creativity and innovation are at the fore-front of the solution.

We offer a number of digital marketing consultative services and dashboards, to help marketers find quicker and more agile solutions to their everyday challenges.


We empower marketers by providing pioneering technology platforms & strategic consultancy services that drive effective business results.

Promise: We will make the right connections possible to truly deliver results

Mission: To create a hub which marketers can use to deliver real business outcome

Values: Simplicity / Open source / Outcome based / Excellence / Integrity

We believe in providing an open source environment, which enables our clients to work in the way they want

Our team

Digital marketing consultancies are only as good as the people involved in it or around it. It doesn’t matter that each person has been in their specialism for over 20 years. History is important but it is about the advice that can be offered today which is more important.

We have put together a team with different backgrounds and skillsets, which cover the entire spectrum of marketing & communications. The ultimate goal in doing this is to ensure that we have the ability to deliver in-depth solutions to our client partners, to transform their business.

Kofi Osei-Ntem (Managing Partner, CovalComm)

Despite his creative flair, Kofi did actually do a science degree

We all experience severe pressures, and when this happens it is important to have people around you who you can trust to guide you.

Kofi set up CovalComm to help marketers who struggle with everyday challenges of marketing in today's digitalised world.

Kofi is passionate about this because he believes every marketer (big or small) deserves to be given independent strategic advice and digital know-how from their partners.

Kofi is a Chemistry graduate from the University of Warwick, who has worked in the media & marketing industry for over 20 years.

Kofi is dedicated to communication planning which connects businesses to customers.

He is experienced in leading large clients and agency teams to peak performance across the EMEA region and beyond.

Kofi is skilled at initiating brand development ideas and delivering marketing strategies within existing/ new communication channels, that contribute to business growth and success; with expertise in devising and implementing digital product development solutions and services.

In his spare time, Kofi tries to juggle playing a bit of golf, into his extremely busy schedule of being a dad to his two young children.


Andrew Rodgers (Regional Head Research & Insights, MediaCom MENA)
Non-Executive Director

Andy could have been a pro footballer but chose the more exciting world of research and insight

We live in a region that is in a state of constant social, economic and political flux making it one of the toughest regions in the world to do business.

Consumers in our region are also some of the most diverse in the world with an indigenous population that differs greatly across the region as well as a huge number of nationalities in the region as expatriates.

Market and consumer understanding is therefore one of the most important elements of the marketing process to ensure effective application of your communication investments as well as ensuring maximum efficiency.

As a market and consumer insight specialist Andy is perfectly placed to help brands with these challenges.

He's worked in the marketing industry for over 15 years, both agency (research and media) and client side in Europe, APAC and here in the Middle East.
He's hugely experienced at placing the consumer and market trends and understanding at the heart of comms planning and strategy development.

A voracious appetite for historical fiction and test cricket as well as his beautiful wife and children help Andy to relax in his free time.


Dan Chapman (Head of Digital, MediaCom Global)
Non-Executive Director

Dan strangely ran a night club in his formative years

Dan's background in psychology places his beliefs in digital very much around the needs of the human. Translating digital and data into insight and outcomes with human behaviour at the heart.

With over 20 years of experience in digital for client/brands, publisher and agency Dan has a compressive knowledge that spans all business needs.

From brand site analytics, all the way through to programmatic execution and measurement, it is Dan's belief that to truly understand the impact of a brand's comms all component parts must be understood with respect to the behaviour it changes and/or re-affirms.


Devin Peters (Founder, One False Move Pictures)
Non-Executive Director

Devin is so passionate about film and video, that he would quite happily film paint dry to get the right shot

Devin started producing and directing during his time at the BBC in the UK early in his filmmaking career, originally getting the chance to direct segments for quirky entertainment TV shows.

After working in broadcast for over 7 years, Devin began producing and directing short films with young upcoming talent, usually Dramas, with some documentary and factual pieces mixed in. During this time Devin also wrote his first short Drama called Luxy.

After travelling to Dubai, Devin focused on both producing & directing and has had the pleasure of working with some global brands including Pepsi, Absolut, Red bull, Johnson & Johnson, Costa Coffee and Jotun Paints. He’s also worked with several regional drink brands including Rani Float and Barbican.

Devin’s focus on short-form reflects a style that combines the desire for the cinematic while often packaged in a modern fast paced end product. Devin prefers to use in camera tricks in order to produce enticing storytelling moments.

Devin has travelled the world filming a wide variety of projects and feels as comfortable shooting in England and Dubai, as he does in the Arctic circle or South America.

This experience and passion led Devin to begin a company called One False Move Pictures. The company focuses on providing world class services to Creative Agencies and Corporate clients, OFM Pictures ethos is steeped in transparency and quality. Exceeding client’s quality expectations without compromising the tight budgetary environment we currently face.

Devin is ultimately a people person and feels he can bring the best out of talent whether trained or not. His love for speed and nature have always drawn him towards adrenaline filled projects, which he hopes to continue.


Gregory Bolle (Head of Global Partnerships, LaLiga)
Non-Executive Director

It’s true that Gregory is very passionate about sports marketing, as demonstrated by the ability to reach 200 words per minute when in conversation

Gregory Bolle brings with him years of multi-industry experience in both strategy and business development. He is a truly global executive with strong operational and client management experience across Europe, Asia and Middle East.

He assumed key management roles with some of the world’s leading advertising agencies including Carat Aegis, Wunderman, Possible and GroupM before joining the City Football Group in 2014 and then LaLiga in 2016.

He studied management at the Paris-Saclay University and at the Tanaka – Imperial College of London.

Gregory now is based in Spain having recently moved from the Middle East.


Justin Mlynarski (Head of Digital, UM MENA)
Non-Executive Director

Amazingly Justin does actually speak Danish. Well that’s what he tells us anyway...

Holding over 16 years of digital marketing experience, Justin Mlynarski currently heads up all the digital strategies and activations across 14 offices in 13 countries across the Middle East for UM MENA.
He moved to Dubai in 2013 and has been instrumental in building, developing and leading a digital and social team of over 30 people, and helped raise the digital & social IQ of his agency.

Justin has played a key role in conceiving & implementing multiple plans for clients across multiple verticals, with relevant business ROI at the core. Due to his integral role and extensive marketing and digital success, Justin is constantly involved in new business pitches across UM MENA and has been conducive in the acquisition of new clients year after year.

In his previous roles at LBi Denmark and BullGuard London, Justin worked on a pan European level as a digital marketer and consultant where his specialties included integrated communication planning, digital & content strategy and online brand management.

Justin may be a digital strategist constantly on the go but on a personal front he is a family man who loves spending time with his young daughters. He enjoys watching and playing cricket and football, even (many moons ago) playing football at a semi-professional level. Nowadays he’s more of a reader and a keen Flywheeler & swimmer.


Asad Abbasi (Associate Account Director, Weber Shandwick MENA)
Non-Executive Director

In another life, Asad covered two county cricket matches in England while trialling with The Times of London.

Asad’s over 10 years of experience in public relations has seen him explore culture and communications across the world. His account management, consultancy, content development as well as strategic and creative plan development skills have seen him work in cities around the world. From London to Mumbai, as well as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Asad has worked with some of the world’s leading PR agencies for some of the largest brands in consumer and corporate communications.

Born and raised in Liverpool, Asad graduated in 2002 from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA in International Business and Italian. Taking this grounding in business, culture and language, Asad first moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2006 where he worked with Porter Novelli. At Porter Novelli his client work with P&G gave him a foundation for strategic planning, research and creative solutions in a communication’s world primed for change. Three years at JWT MENA followed and then a move back to the United Kingdom saw him work with the largest independent PR agency in the world, Edelman.

At Edelman in London, Asad was focused on the Shell global account, helping to hub and streamline communications for over 12 international markets. This led to a move to Edelman India and in Mumbai, Asad provided strategic and creative solutions for the launch of Starbucks in India, as well as LinkedIn.

Sandwiched in between JWT and Edelman, Asad’s gained his first experience with his current agency, Weber Shandwick – the MEPRA PR Agency of the Year (2014, 2016 and 2017). He has worked with Weber Shandwick Abu Dhabi and Dubai since 2013 and works to shape perceptions for corporate clients such as Boeing and Siemens, as well as focusing on new business development.